Piston valve

  1. Large sealing area around the piston is covered by top and bottom resilient sealing rings, which provides 100% leak-proof tightness, ensuring bubble tight shut-off. Therefore, this valve can also be used for vacuums service and refrigerant service. The glandless piston valves make excellent process control valves due to the double action of the piston between the sealing rings, operation occurs without flutter pulsation or vibration on the line.
  2. The replacement of sealing ring is very simple and easy without affecting the flanged joints of the valves. This reduces the maintenance problem and downtime.
  3. The glandless piston valve is not affected by solid particles in the fluid because the descending piston will sweep down foreign particles while closing operation of the valve, not affecting the lower sealing ring. Therefore, this valve can also be used for viscous and fluids containing solid particles.
  4. Special belleville spring washers are fitted on the bonnet assembly providing constant pressure on the sealing rings allowing thermal expansion automatically.
  5. Valve can be installed in any position – vertically, horizontally or downward, without affecting it’s leak-proof tight sealing.
  6. Wire – drawing type erosion in globe valve due to excessive Velocity between valve plug and seat is not possible in case of the GLANDLESS PISTON VALVE.
  7. Since, GLANDLESS PISTON VALVES offer outstanding sealing characteristics, this valve is suitable to handle wide range of critical media such as Thermic Fluids, Fatty Acids, Hot Oil, Steam, Acids, Alkalis, Solvents, L.P.G., etc.
  8. To meet specific corrosion problems, combination of different materials for body & working parts can used.