Size: ½ ” – 2”

Basic Design

 Shell Wall Thickness

Face to Face Dimension

Socket Weld End Dimension

Threaded End Dimension

Inspection & Testing




Check Valves


  Pressure: 800# – 2500#

: API602 & ANSI/ASME A16.34

: BS1873 & ANSI/ASME A16.34

: ANSI/ASME B16.10

: ANSI/ASME B16.11

: ANSI/ASME B1.20.1

: API 598



Forged NRv


Check valve must be installed with the inlet in the direction of flow. This has to be checked carefully before installation of the valve. Otherwise check valve will stop the flow.

Lift check valve should be installed only in horizontal pipeline as the disc closes only by gravitational force. ‘Y’ type check valves are provided with spring loaded discs. They may be installed in either horizontal or vertical pipeline.


While welding the valves with the pipeline, ensure absolute cleanliness as dirt can enter the body and damage the sealing of the stem guide and seats.


Parts of the valves are generally maintenance free. The materials of the sliding parts have been selected to keep wear to a minimum. However for reasons of safety and to reduce maintenance and repair costs all valves especially those, which are operated occasionally should be inspected at least 4 times a year. Lubricating the moving parts such as stem and stuffing box screws with oil or grease and repacking or replacing the gland packing and cover gaskets in proper time will ensure long service life of the valves.


LACIER Valves entire product are manufactured with the use of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology which ensures the highest possible product quality at a competitive price. Quality control is entirely carried out to ASME, API Spec and ISO 9001 standards. LACIER valves are marked with flow direction arrows as they are recommended to be installed with flow and pressure under the disc. The amount of force to close a globe valve against pressure is much higher than gate valves but the distance the stem travels is much less. The essential principle of globe valve operation is movement of disk towards or away from the seat. The annular space between the disk and seat ring is regulated thereby giving this valve good throttling characteristics.