Check Valves



Design According To API SPEC 6A                                                                  Flanges Drilled To ANSI B 16.5

Face To Face As Per ANSI B 16.10                                                               Valve Testing As Per API SPEC 6A

Size: 1.13/16” – 5.1/8”                                                                                               Pressure: 3000psi – 15000psi

Butt Weld Ends To ANSI B 16.25



Predominantly check valves are use to prohibit the reverse flow in oil and gas pipelines. In order to suit various conditions of temperature and pressure LAcier check valves are offered in a wide array of materials to battle the most unforgiving situations in practically any size and pressure rating.

To be able to handle prolonged life and smooth functioning LAcier Swing Check Valves are made with a hardy design integrating every field proven quality.

LAcier check valves are in compliance with API 6A requisites for design, manufacturing and testing. They have been put through rigorous fire tests in compliance with API 6FD standards.

LAcier Swing Check Valves are of full bore design. This full bore design enables Lacier API 6A Swing Check Valves to go through the process of pigging or hot tapping. They are best used in industries where uni-flow is binding such as Oil & Gas, Power & Refining, Chemical & Water. Swing check valves are designed for installations with horizontal orientation and are comprehensively put to use in operations with restrained speeds. However our swing check valves can also be used in vertical orientation if the stream movement in upward direction is below the disc. For this we would provide our exceedingly commendable valves with heavy duty bolted cover, renewable seat ring and body mounted disc.



Body to Cover Joint is devised to assert an even weight to the gasket to guarantee a leak proof seal.

Disc to Hanger connection permits the disc an orderly movement impartial of the hanger to ensure proper disc positioning with the seat on shutting. A disc nut protects this connection to prevent dislocation due to pulsation and/or closing impact.

Stellited Seat Ring provides added endurance to wear and tear and attrition of the sealing surface. From 8” and up, LACIER check valves have cover lug for easy installation

Body with heavy wall thickness as per ASME B16.34 for supreme service life. Provided with bosses for optional drains.


API 6A Check Valves are self-acted by the media pressure and are devised to prevent the flow return to the pressurized side of the system. API 6A Swing Check Valves are provided with a bolted disc that opens by the medium pressure and closes against a vertical seat when the system pressure is off and there is a back flow. API 6A Swing Check Valves are featured by its rugged design, simple design and easy maintenance. They are available from 3,000 psi through to 15,000 psi working pressure in sizes from 1 13/16” to 5 1/8” depending on pressure range with end connections: 6B or 6BX flange type acc. to API 6A (with Ring Joint), or API threaded.



Check interior of the valve through each end for foreign objects. Clean the end connections and mating pipe thoroughly prior to assembly. Proper support of the valve and/or pipe should be provided to eliminate and strain and fatigue of end connections. Operating temperature should not exceed 250 deg. F continuously on standard check valves. Horizontal installation is standard and the inlet and outlet should be the same level for proper clapper action.

 Img API 6D Check valve 3