API 600


Gate Valves



Basic Design: API 600 (2” – 36”);                                                                      26” & up ANSI/ASME B16.47

Inspection and Testing: API 598                                              Face-to-Face: Flanged ANSI/ASME B16.10;

Flange End Dimensions: 1” – 24” ANSI/ASME B16.5                                  Buttweld ANSI/ASME B16.25

An extensive range of API 600 Cast Steel Gate Valves is offered by LAcier. In permutation with API 600 trims LAcier offers an array of materials in carbon steel, low and medium alloy materials that can be used together. In addition to this keeping in mind the global market demands, materials like stainless steel, nickel and unusual alloys can be offered with heavy wall thickness patterns to meet consumer requirements that need heavier patterns than mentioned in API 603.



  1. Stem Nut, replaceable in line to avert shut down of pipeline
  2. Rising stem with accurate single or double thread for quick operation.
  3. Surface finish appropriate to seal accurately to achieve low elusive discharges
  4. Stem Packing is engineered for supreme regulation of elusive discharge leaks into the environment. The bare minimum discharge leak rate is assured by an expert finished stem sealing area. The condensed diametrical allowances and the stem straightness regulation is offered in a special designed packing. On request live load packing arrangement can be offered.
  5. Backseat, either threaded or welded designed to release back pressure on the stem packing when completely seated. Renewing stem packing under pressure is not recommended. Hard faced backseat available for severe service as per client’s necessities.
  6. Stem & gate connection designed so that under strictly applied loads (stuck gate), the stem will fail outside of the stuffing box pressure periphery.
  7. Body to Bonnet joint is designed to apply a consistent load to the gasket to ensure a leak-proof seal.
  8. Seat rings are seal welded to offer a zero leakage joint.
  9. Stellited Seat Rings offer improved endurance to friction, scuffs and attrition of the sealing facades.
  10. Two piece arrangement gland flange and stem packing bushing for self-alignment to avoid stem damage.
  11. Gate valves supplied with hand-wheel or are gear operated.